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Strategy & Insights

Our experience has made us pragmatic in our approach to strategy. Our solutions are effective because they’re driven by audience insights, solving your most complex problems.

Customer Journey Mapping

Each customer's journey is unique – moving through awareness, consideration, and decision stages. The part your company plays in that journey is also what makes you unique. We research and build an insightful map of the stages in your customers’ journeys and identify where your organization can make the greatest impact. 

Content Strategy

No matter if your focus is on a new website, an email nurturing campaign, or your inbound marketing efforts, content is the centerpiece. But without a strategic plan for your content, even the best content could be wasted. Our content strategists help you understand content purpose, themes, type, format, cadence, and SEO for each of your marketing channels.

Analytics / Reporting

By combining detailed campaign reporting, high-level directional data from analytics, and granular behavioral data gathered through heat maps and user feedback, we provide you with a full picture of successful initiatives as well as areas for improvement.

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Web Design & Development

Look distinct while making a big impact. A professionally designed and optimized website is the virtual front door to your company. No matter the size, our team designs, builds, and optimizes digital experiences that meet your users' needs while delivering the kind of results you’ll be proud to share. We keep up with the best in web technology so you don’t have to.

Website Design

We create intuitive, engaging native mobile apps and websites that are fully-tested, responsive, and SEO-friendly. We're experts in the latest technologies, including our preferred platform Django, an open-source framework for implementing user-friendly content management systems.


We create intuitive, engaging native mobile apps and websites that are fully-tested, responsive, and SEO-friendly. We're experts in the latest technologies, including our preferred platform, Django, an open-source framework for implementing user-friendly content management systems.

Website Optimization

Because technology is constantly changing, your website should never be standing still. We can help you clarify and prioritize marketing goals, conduct experiments, and implement A/B tests to craft creative solutions that provide continuous improvement and clear outcomes.

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Digital Marketing

The key to successful inbound marketing relies on the coordination of channels and the technologies to pull them together. The value we deliver is evident in our approach to attracting more visitors, converting more leads, closing more sales, and managing better marketing. GS’s marketing platform of choice, HubSpot, helps us manage all of that on one platform.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is focused on attracting more visitors, converting more leads, and creating more customers. Our holistic approach includes expert strategists, content creators, designers, and developers focused on success at each stage of the journey. An inbound marketing program also requires the right technology to implement initiatives and track results. We've worked with many, but our favorite is our partner HubSpot.


We deliver comprehensive email campaigns – from design and development to content creation – with a focus on increasing engagement, click-through rates, and ultimately – conversions. The results are then measured for effectiveness and tied back to each of your marketing goals.


Effective social media is an important component of any marketing program. Our team can assist with copywriting, photography, video, graphics, strategy, campaigns, and activation to ensure you're maximizing your social media impact.

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Content Studio

Your story isn’t stock. How you tell it shouldn’t be, either. We provide full content creation support through copywriting, photography, videography, design, and much more. Our experienced content and design team is focused on creating engaging content that tells your brand story in unique and compelling ways. It's content that attracts more visitors – and keeps them coming back for more.


Whether in a controlled environment or in the field, we’ll get the shots that show what you’re about. From staging, lighting, shooting, audio recording, and editing, we cover every aspect of production to deliver a compelling, high-quality final product as efficiently as possible.


Smartphone technology makes it easier than ever to capture "nice" photos. But it still takes a professional approach to make your images stand out. Don't settle for anything less.


High-quality video is just the start. From motion graphics to special effects our designers will make your visuals come alive, to tell your story with maximum impact.

Creative Services

You know what you want to say, but your creative team doesn’t have the bandwidth. We’ve got your back. Whether collateral, digital ads, signage, presentations, or epic sonnets, our designers and creative copywriters can help you get the word out as creatively and efficiently as possible.

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