Stronger Digital Engagement

At GS, the value we deliver is evident in our insights-driven digital strategies, digital experience design and website development, and conversion optimization programs. Here’s what it is we do, exactly.

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Strategy & Insights

Our experience has made us pragmatic in our approach to strategy. Our solutions are effective because they’re driven by audience insights, solving your most complex problems.

Digital Strategy

We create a comprehensive digital strategy roadmap for specifically how we can make your digital experiences smarter, better, and faster – no matter the channel.

User Experience & Content Strategy

We apply our proven user experience techniques to build the most user-friendly information architecture and a strategic content plan including content purpose, themes, types, formats, and cadence for each digital channel.

Customer Journey Mapping

We research and build an insightful map of the stages in customers’ journeys with your brand to identify where our digital strategies can make the greatest impact.

Customer Insights

We plan and execute both qualitative research (one-on-one customer interviews, user testing) and quantitative market research (primarily website-based surveys) to serve your customers better and assist your efforts in becoming more effective.

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Experience Design & Development

Look distinct while making a big impact. GS will design and build digital experiences that meet your functional and user requirements while delivering the kind of results you’ll be proud to share.

Website Design & Development

We create intuitive, engaging websites that are fully-tested, responsive, and SEO-friendly, aimed at driving engagement with your brand and delivering in a way that’s aligned with business needs and metrics.

Custom CMS Development

We develop digital experiences on an intuitive, user-friendly, open-source content management system. (Our developers looked up from their monitors long enough to tell us we write in Python and build on the Django web framework.)

Mobile Application Development

Through an agile process we design, develop, and deliver native mobile applications and mobile optimized web apps that engage users no matter where they are or what type of device they use.

Email Marketing

We deliver comprehensive email campaigns – from design and development to content creation – with a focus on increasing engagement and click-through rates while measuring the effectiveness of the content among your audiences.

Digital/Social Media Content

We create high-quality content for digital and social channels – from copywriting and photography to video and graphics – all to fuel engagement among your customers.

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Conversion Optimization

Launching a website is a big deal. And it’s only the beginning. Following launch, GS will listen, test, and learn what’s working. We’ll then recommend how to best optimize the experience and get you results.

Digital Experience Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is built on the requirement that results should be measurable and actionable. We conduct experiments, A/B tests, and pilot programs that provide continuous improvement and clear outcomes.

Website Analytics

GS combines high-level directional data from analytics with more granular behavioral data gathered through heat maps and user feedback to provide you with a full picture of successful initiatives and areas for improvement of experiences.

Engagement Programs

We build soup-to-nuts programs aimed at increasing your digital engagement, whether your goal is improving website usage, social media engagement, email engagement, customer experience, or customer loyalty. Yes, we’re thinking about soup for lunch now, too.

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